4 August, 2020

By Ali, Matilda Motel Bundaberg

The Turtles are Back for Another Year!

The arrival of November is always an exciting time in the Bundaberg region, as it means we are only days away from the official start of the 2020 turtle nesting season. The first tours at the Mon Repos Turtle Encounter (only 14km from the Matilda Motel Bundaberg) begin this year on Friday November 6th and if you haven’t already put this experience on your bucket list, you really need to.

Did you know, that in the same way humpback whales are synonymous with Hervey Bay, marine turtles are synonymous with the Bundaberg Coast? In particular Mon Repos, which hosts the largest concentration of nesting loggerhead turtles in the whole South Pacific region and the largest concentration of marine turtle species along the east coast of Australia.

The turtle season runs from November through to March each year, starting with the nesting period November through to January followed by the hatching season, January through March. If you time it just right (somewhere in the middle of the season) you may be lucky enough to witness both events on the same night! Either event is an amazing natural phenomenon to experience. Watching the mama turtles painstakingly making their way from the water to a safe distance up the beach to dig their nest and lay their eggs is truly a labour of love and very humbling to watch. Then the magic of seeing the sandy nests erupting some 6-8 weeks later with dozens of tiny hatchlings making their perilous way into the big deep leaves you with such a feeling of wonder and a natural high that I still feel delight at the memory.

I would strongly recommend booking your turtle tour as early as possible to avoid missing out. Turtles do however nest and hatch all the way along our coast so occasionally you will be fortunate enough to witness turtles on an evening or early morning walk along our beautiful coastlines which are an easy 20mins drive from our convenient CBD location.

So if you are thinking of visiting our wonderful Bundy region this turtle season, or any time of the year, remember to give us a call to book direct and save on your Bundaberg motel accommodation.