Whale Watching Season is Here in Bundaberg

Is whale watching on your bucket list?

Just before our famous turtle season begins, we are lucky enough to be treated to whale watching off the coast of the Bundaberg and Wide Bay regions.

Whale season in the Bundaberg region runs from July to November and can be enjoyed from both land and water.

The annual migration of the humpback whale from the colder waters of Antarctica has begun for another year. Providing plenty of opportunities to enjoy the enchanting sight of whales offshore. Younger males usually lead the way providing breathtaking displays of aerial gymnastics and soulful whale songs. Expectant mothers follow close behind, eventually returning on their homeward leg with their newborn calves.

Whilst our southern neighbour may be known as the whale capital of the world, Bundaberg is starting to claim its own place as a whale watching venue.

Bundaberg’s coastal pathways easily allows plenty of vantage points to glimpse whale play from the land. But to truly appreciate these magnificent mammals, you really need to jump aboard a whale watching tour.

Leaving from the Bundaberg Port Marina, the Matilda Motel is only a 15minute drive to a whale watching experience that will stay with you for a very long time. For more information on whale watching click here Bundaberg Region – Whale Watching.

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